“Founded in 2020, Trinity Times is a student-led UofT news publication based in Trinity College, with membership open to all UofT students regardless of affiliation. Our mission is two-parted: (1) to provide aspiring student writers and journalists with a non-partisan outlet to showcase their diverse voices, reducing barriers to artistic and journalistic expression; and (2) to serve students across campus who want more than just “news”, but a piece or community of voices that they can emotionally resonate and meaningfully engage with. We pride ourselves on our inclusive community that celebrates the many personalities and identities showcased by our team, reaching beyond editorials to foster a culture and platform for authentic cross-campus exchange. Published bi-weekly online and semesterly in-print, Trinity Times reports in News and UofT Campus Life, Trinity Life, Features and Op-Eds, Arts and Culture, and Science and Engineering. Elegant, classic, and gentle in our expression, we are a soft LOUD, a quiet power, and above all—the sharpest quills in the quad. 

The Trinity Column of Trinity Times is dedicated to providing a voice to the Trinity College student body – the platform to redefine what being a Trinity student is like, and in that way, change the conversation and perception of the College itself. Trinity is often lauded as one of the oldest, proudest, and “elitist” colleges at UofT. While this cultivates a robust academic environment and encourages personal achievement, it is hard to deny that it also produces an aura of inaccessibility.

We believe that in order to know the world, you have to write it. If we wish to change the perception of the college and deconstruct the harm of the whispers and jokes surrounding the institution’s arrogance and exclusivity, we must first and foremost bring them out of the shadows in which they proliferate and fester. To solve an issue, we must know it. And to know it, we must speak it. This is exactly what the Trinity Column aims to be – an outlet for the Trinity College community that makes room for all the things left unsaid, for voices that were originally excluded from the conversation.”



Gurnoor Gujral & Elaine Zhou

Arts and Culture

Manraj Johal

Features and Op-eds

Alexander Trachsell

News AND UofT Campus Life

Philip Harker

Science and Engineering

Anisha Rajaselvam

Trinity Life

Candace Ciju

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