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A review of Drive Away Dolls, Love Lies Bleeding, and Immaculate

By Uma Mody, Staff Writer

School is almost done, the weather is warming up and good vibes are in the foreseeable future. Now, with more time on our hands, we can actually try to live enjoyably. If you’re a movie buff like me, that means you can spend every day watching a new movie. Recently, I’ve managed to go to Cineplex every Tuesday to watch any film I may or may not have heard about prior. I started with Drive Away Dolls from one of the Coen brothers, then saw Love Lies Bleeding featuring Kristen Stewart, and finally, last week, I bought last-minute tickets to see Immaculate with Sydney Sweeney. In watching these movies, I’ve really expanded my movie palette by being open to any sort of genre and story. 

Drive Away Dolls – Comedy Road 

The choice to see this movie was a super-last-minute decision of equally wanting to avoid schoolwork and spend time with friends. The screening was at the Varsity Cineplex which is already a location I like since they have decent popcorn and comfortable seats –plus it’s close to campus! We took our seats and braced ourselves.

From Margaret Qualley’s strong-spirited Southern accent to the absurd storyline itself, this movie was incredibly entertaining and amusing. Packed with a star-studded cast including Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon, this movie surprised me and engaged me with every passing minute. Miley Cyrus, playing an uncredited role and appearing in intermission-style scenes throughout the movie, was a highlight that kept me thoroughly engaged. This movie was also great since it featured Geraldine Viswanathan – a brown woman – in a lead role, with her character in a lesbian relationship alongside Qualley. This kind of representation has helped bridge a connection between Desi queers and Hollywood. 

The movie was fun and silly but might be seen as a little stupid regarding the subject matter and weaker acting; however, I give it a solid ⅘ stars for providing some laughs and ridiculousness to my Tuesday. 

Love Lies Bleeding – Romantic Thriller

I wish I could say that I loved this movie as much as Letterboxd did, but unfortunately, it just did not click for me. To begin, my experience was already worse than the last as I went to Yonge-Dundas Cineplex, which is already a chaotic and less welcoming location. Overlooking that, I was excited to grab some popcorn and a coke, but once my friends and I took our seats and started munching, I felt like the popcorn was stale and my drink was flat. Nonetheless, I was there to see the film!

When it began, I was immediately drawn to Kristen Stewart’s character and the film’s music choice. Bodybuilding performed by Katy M. O’Brian was captured so eloquently by the cameras, and her romance with Stewart’s character was intense, passionate, and heated. The movie took a turn with some violent and gory scenes, which often appeared at the least expected times. For me, it became a hard watch seeing O’Brian make silly decisions, but since it’s a movie, I can still appreciate how the plot was going. What really turned me off was the last 15 minutes of the film, as I felt the story fell through by resolving the conflict in an obscure and illogical way. I’m all for randomness, but the ending lacked coherence with the rest of the plot, so I found it less enjoyable.

Since the movie has a pretty nice following as well as a 3.8 rating on Letterboxd, I recommend watching it to anyone who is interested in thrillers, romance, and violence; however, I would personally give it a 2.5/5 stars.

Immaculate – Horror, Thriller

I had previously heard the bad ratings for this movie, but my friend had told me that the story was in development for over a decade and that Sydney Sweeney had worked hard to make it actually happen, so I knew it was a must-watch. Either way, I knew that it was a horror movie about nuns, and those are not too impressive in my books, but they do make for a good laugh. We went to Scotiabank Theatre this time and prayed the snacks would be much better than last time.

Cinematic is the best word to describe my feelings about the movie. The cinematography was stunning, the acting was on point, and the music was killer. For horror movies, I feel like there are two directions to follow: either make it silly and extremely violent or make it artsy and visually appealing. Immaculate did the latter, and it paired perfectly with its eerie score and chilling, horrific storyline. Sweeney delivered an amazing performance, especially in her final scenes, with a heart-wrenching and terrorizing classic horror scream. The film was incredibly uncomfortable to watch due to its subject matter and violence, but it was very entertaining, and I did not want my experience to end.

I must give this film a strong ⅘ stars since it surprised me in the best way, and I believe it is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a while… I definitely recommend it.

Overall, my rankings are:

  1. Immaculate
  2. Drive Away Dolls
  3. Love Lies Bleeding

I should add that I recommend watching all of these movies as they’re all very different from one another and will each give you a uniquely entertaining experience. I had so much fun watching these since I was able to step out of my comfort zone and expand my palate. All three movies were incredibly memorable, and I hope you can watch them!

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