By Erinayo Oyeladun

When the Moon shines, it shines at the right time, brightly but not in a bossy or demanding way like the Sun. It illuminates the whole world but is very often ignored and taken for granted, just like you, you beautiful chocolate and dark skinned girl.

 Many times you go through this beautiful, diverse world with your head down… Why? Because you are afraid of yourself? You stare in the mirror everyday, thinking the next guy you have an inkling of butterflies for will ignore you. Why? You were born with the moon in you, lighting up as brightly within you as it does in the sky. You allow your fear, your insecurities to blind you from the beauty you effortlessly radiate both day and night—especially in the night. Why? Because you are afraid of the Moon inside you being ignored and pushed outside for the Sun. Come out of hiding, step out of your insecurities and light up for them to see. So what if you are ignored because of the rich darkness of your skin? It should never stop you from illuminating the world around you. When you look closely into the night sky, you see a galaxy of stars, committed to be by the moon’s side for the rest of their lives. Do you think those stars are stupid? Those stars see something in the moon that no human being who walks, ignoring its beauty, can understand. Just like the stars, only the wise can see that moon shining so brightly within you. As Valentine’s Day approaches and you feel small and unseen whereas the Sun shines brighter than ever, just remember that the moon still has the entire night to itself with a bed of stars standing committed to its side every time the sun goes down. Know that when the right time comes, you too will find genuine love, as the moon only shines at the right time.

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