How to save money yet have your room looking glamorous

Adsaya Anpalagan, Arts & Culture Associate Editor

Oh yes, it is that time of year when the colour of leaves is changing, professors are preparing lesson plans, and students slowly move out of home and back into their dorm rooms. Then comes the big question: should I decorate? But how can I enrich this small place? Do I have enough money for the décor? Fear no more, because your fairy godmother has arrived (university décor edition). Now, this article will not just list the basic requirements for a dorm room, like a toothbrush, a kettle, and a blanket (if you forget these things, are you brilliant enough to be in university?). Here are some great items that you must-have for your dorm room, and basically, the only things you will need to make your place glamorous and quite essential.


A bulletin board is the most useful item to spend money on. Having a bulletin board helps students plan their days and manage their time more wisely.  Personally, whenever I study about 10-15 hours per week, I end up doing really well on my courses.  Also, I can focus better when I’m studying during the day, rather than late at night.  With a bulletin board, you can set study times and make sure you are getting enough studying to do well in your courses.  Try using stickers that represent lunch breaks, review times, essay time, etc.  Using markers or pens of different colours help make your priorities stand out.  It can be easy to get too distracted by hanging out with your new friends, partying, and binge-watching another new show on Netflix, but with a board like this, it is easier to balance your academic and social life. 


Captured memories are considered the best memories. University life can get lonely sometimes when you are away from friends and family, but you get reminded of the good times with photos.  Photos give a form of originality in your room because those photos represent personal moments you’ve had. Pictures help students feel a stronger connection to their homes. It can help those struggling with homesickness and remind them that their loved ones will always be with them wherever they go.  In my experience, when I have pictures of my favourite people, it makes me feel like they’re witnessing my university life with me, which makes me feel less lonely. Instead of putting up boring landscape photos, put up pictures of people that you have personal connections with to make your room more intimate. Overall, images are the essential items for the cure of homesickness, covering up the distance from loved ones, and as cheap but nice décor.


A bean bag chair may seem like a silly thing to own, but trust me, you’ll be glad to have one of these.  A wooden desk and chair may be a great place to focus on your studies and do well, but who says you can’t do that at a comfy spot?  A bean bag chair is excellent for people who struggle with back pain from sitting on a chair for too long.  It’s comfortable and cozy.  A bed is also comfy to sit on too, but chances are you’ll doze off because that’s the place you use to sleep.  With a bean bag chair, you can sit comfortably and still get work done.  You don’t need to be uncomfortable to be productive.


Lights may seem like an apparent item to mention, but its importance is quite up there. But that does not mean you have to go and purchase lights.  I prefer natural light because the sunshine puts me in a good mood.  And, when I’m in a good mood, I tend to be more productive.  It is a good idea to make sure there is a window in the dorm room because natural light does have its powerful benefits. However, some students may not have a window in their room, which leads to the next point: pendant lighting.  Pendant lighting doesn’t take up much space and can enhance the room no matter what time of day it is.  Great for the late-night cram sessions and nightly reads before going to bed; pendant lights do not disappoint. Another light to put on the list, which is a personal favourite, is fairy lights. Fairy lights are not only appealing to the eye, but the brightness is enough to light up the place no matter how late at night it is. Having lights is crucial for a college dorm room because it brightens the environment, helps students achieve a healthy mental state, and gives the room a glam.

Moving into a college dorm for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but having these items will get you on track for a successful year. A bulletin board helps with time management and prioritizing. A bean bag chair provides a comfortable, yet productive study spot. Photos help with homesickness and provide the comfort of knowing that loved ones will always be with you. Lastly, the lights provide the environment needed to be successful and give the room an attractive vibe. Not only are these items useful in academic life, but they will also have your place looking pretty and cozy. With this décor list, you’ll have a great college dorm and will be one step closer to having a great school year!

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