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Mila Yarovaya

Stop procrastinating. Perhaps the most telling sign of my failure is the fact that I’m submitting this blurb on the day that it’s due. What can I say? Procrastination is a sign of perfectionism and I’m nothing if not plagued by unachievable ideals. No amount of planners (digital or painstakingly picked out at Chapters), reminders blowing up my phone, or pen-scrawled hands ever seem to keep me on track. Once responsibilities start piling up, it’s easier to let my tasks fester then openly tackle them. But who knows – maybe this is the year I tackle my existential dread and face the harsh realities of being an adult.

Also …

Read more books. There was once a girl with bright eyes and long red locks who went through an average of four books per week, inhaling fantastical worlds with wild abandon. I miss her – she was cool. She fell victim to the onslaught of mandatory readings piled onto university students during the first week of every semester. In a vain attempt to hold onto my previous self, I enrolled in the English program, hoping that the momentum would carry onto my casual reading habits, only to find that I was too exhausted to even read nutritional facts at the end of a regular week. Still, I have hope. My Boxing Day book haul includes such titles as Neil Gaiman’s The View from the Cheap Seats, Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon, and Natalie Zina Walschots’ Hench, not to mention the dozens of books from previous hauls begging to be read. If anyone can get me to crack a spine it’s the master of fiction – the incomparable Mr. Gaiman himself.  

Sai Rathakrishna

Keep up with as many new TV shows and movies as I can. It’s going great so far!

Trinity Times Staff

Vikram Nijhawan, Senior Arts and Culture Editor

Try to read more without my mind wandering off the page, and to stifle the impulse to always check my phone.

Luis Sanchez, Arts and Culture Staff Writer

Get sexier (haha).

James Jiang, Trinity News Staff Writer

Sleep earlier. Sleep earlier. Sleep earlier.

Cosette Santos, Videographer

Watch more films. Read more books.  Maybe drink fewer margaritas and maybe spend less on LEGOs … maybe. 

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