A Non-Inertial Reference Frame

By Ryan Ripsman

A Non-Inertial Reference Frame

Babe, I cried, you know I wish I could stay

But ol’ Coriolis pulls me away

I’ll be dragged across the ocean

Stuck in perpetual motion

In this non-inertial reference frame

The laws of physics pull me to the west

I tour from Osaka to Bucharest

Every day in a new location

Life’s a permanent vacation

In a non-inertial reference frame 

Lost alone in the twisted streets of Rome

I start to miss my original home

I aspire to be homewards bound

Luckily, everything goes ‘round

In a non-inertial reference frame

When I finally return home, I start to cry

I’m looking at my home from way up high

I realize my error with remorse

There’s always centrifugal force

In a non inertial reference frame

I float aimlessly, lost in outer space

Staring jealously at the human race

For my old life on Earth, I yearn

God how I wish I could return

To that non-inertial reference frame

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