Hello Future Me | est. 2015

Vikram Nijhawan, Arts and Culture Staff Writer

Timothy Hickson, better known by his pseudonym Hello Future Me, is a New Zealand-based YouTuber, online literary critic, self-published author, and Avatar: The Last Airbender fanboybut not in that strict order. Beginning in the latter half of the 2010s, Hickson has consistently produced cogent pop-cultural analyses. His flagship series “On Writing” delves into the minutiae of genre fiction writing: from how to properly deliver exposition to crafting well-written ‘chosen one’ characters, final battles, villain motivations, and a plethora of other useful tropes and techniques. 

With the wit, knowledge, and astuteness of any traditional literary scholar, Hickson has proved himself an invaluable member of the ‘AuthorTube’ community. Any aspiring fantasy or sci-fi writer struggling with their ongoing story would do best to consult his video essays. Apart from gleaning several nuggets of wisdom to add to their writing arsenals, they would also receive about seven ATLA or Tolkien references per minute – a benefit not shared by Aristotle, Alexander Pope, or Northrop Frye. Hickson truly is an unparalleled critic for the digital age.

Chloe Ting | est. 2011

Aamyneh Mecklai, Arts & Culture Staff Writer

Chloe Ting, a 34-year old lifestyle vlogger from Australia, dominated and continues to dominate the laptop screens of many during the dreadful days of lockdown. Why? She promised abs within two weeks of practicing her free workout routine. 

With 16.4M subscribers (as of December 2020,) Ting’s YouTube channel offers free at-home workout routines, quick and healthy recipes, and entertaining “reaction vlogs” to her subscribers’ post-workout transformation results. From unforgiving two-week shreds to colourful and aesthetically pleasing acai bowls, this fitness personality covers it all. While her perfectly defined abs can make for a motivating, albeit intimidating watch, Chloe Ting brings a sense of unparalleled relatability and honesty to her videos. She is accepting of all body types and shapes, unafraid to discuss her struggles with physical and mental health, and prioritizes “feeling good” over “looking good”.

Looking to break a sweat in the winter? Chloe Ting has you covered. 

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