Song and album recommendations to tide you over for the rest of the Fall semester.

By Luis Sanchez, Arts and Culture Staff Writer

Charmander (single)- Aminé


Leaning into hyperpop elements, the criminally underrated rapper and singer shows his versatility with this fast-paced and high-energy single. The production is insanely catchy and will get stuck in your head upon multiple listens. 

Memorable lines: “Bourne for this like Matt Damon, Redwood look like Chastain”

Faces (mixtape) – Mac Miller 

Underground hip-hop

One of the late great Mac Miller’s best pieces of work was released on streaming services and warrants a re-listen. Rarely does a 20+ song album feel fresh and creative. Miller keeps it fresh with impressive rhyming, a jazz sound, and impressive flows. Excellent guest additions keep listeners engaged and topical songs of self-reflection, addiction, and relationships add meaning to the project. RIP Mac Miller.

Standout songs: “Diablo”, “Here We Go”, “Insomniak” 


Alternative pop

Cambridge, Ontario’s very own Indie star, 18-year-old 347 Aiden continues his string of success and critical acclaim with his recent release of melodies, utilizing his signature vocal layers and minimalistic and quirky production. While the songwriting can leave a bit to be desired, there is a lot of potential in this unique sound. 

Standout tracks: HARMONY and MEMORIES 

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