“If I can’t drop Econ then Econ will drop me.”
By Luis Sanchez, Arts and Culture Staff Writer

Photo source: Miricyl

TORONTO, ON – As midterm marks are gradually being revealed, the audible sighs of relief or gasps of pain are circulating around campus. First-years are stressing over selecting their POSt, upper-year students are thumbing the line between being completely numb and entirely anxious, students are discussing marks like minimum wage workers at McDonald’s describe salaries. Tears are shed and deep emotional scars are made.

But for the lucky few, the grades are good. The celebrations are akin to the liberation of France. The sacrifices, both literal and figurative, made for good marks have paid off. The all-night study sessions fueled by multiple Monster Energies, Ice Capps, and tears have borne fruit. Grey hairs are being rewarded with the sweet 4.0 GPA threshold. They can bask in peaceful relief for maybe two days before the cycle ramps up again. So what if a UofT midterm shaves seven months off of your life expectancy? It is just one step closer to that valuable piece of paper certifying your legitimacy as a massively in-debt yet (hopefully) employable individual.

One student in particular who requested to remain anonymous is shocked to realize she cannot CR/NCR her depression. “Why can’t I get no credit, I already get no happiness?” she explains. “I’m doing all this work getting up in the morning, I wish UofT would just help me out here. I am a full-time student at an all-time low.” After a quick 40-minute cry session she went back to studying for Bio. 

Luis Sanchez is a Staff Writer for the Arts and Culture Section for Trinity Times and a first-year undergraduate student at Trinity College. He is struggling. Help

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