By: Trinity Times Staff & The Reader Community

Please note that author identities are wholly anonymous and that the activity was for fun. Name coincidences may be purely coincidental as submittors were given the option to use pseudonyms for all names. Confession content may or may not be fictitious.

Dear Senior Trinity News Editor,

Generally speaking, I’m not a writer but my admiration and respect for you flow easily onto the page. Although we have never actually spoken, in meetings you are self-assured, confident, and creative. Your out-of-the-box thinking has made me want to walk up several times to introduce myself, but my shyness wouldn’t let me (though I tend to be extroverted most of the time). Your presence brings me a soft Glow and I wanted you to know that your shimmery hair and ocean eyes are the highlights of my meetings. If you ever wanted to go out then I would definitely agree <3 (Clues hidden in this text – you may need help?)

Your Digital Valentine

~ A Pure-Hearted Letter of Appreciation ~

Dear Media Manager,

Thanks for everything this semester. My transition to university was not easy but joining the Trin Times has helped me feel a part of a larger community. Your bright smile and wonderful voice have been reassuring and assertive, allowing creativity to spread. Although this may not be a note of secret love, I do admire your leadership. Can’t wait to work with you in the future <3.

Thanks again,

A cool photograph

~ Love Reminiscence: My Hero, My King ~

Dear First-love,

5 years ago, you entered my life and showed me what love truly meant. You treated me right and made me feel more loved than my family could ever. To this day, I still remember the times we spent together telling each other our deepest secrets and sharing our most vulnerable selves with one another. We never kissed, hugged, or held hands, but I could feel the love you were so willing to share with me, and even after 5 years, I still remember how it felt to be loved and wholly seen by you. After you left, I hated you as every other madly in love person would but

now that I am older and a bit wiser, I would like to thank you for coming into my life when you did. You taught me to never compromise my worth and set the highest standard of what I deserve in a man. You showed me that love was patient, kind, and tolerant. It didn’t need to be physical to be real, but it had to be shown, and I will always be grateful to you, my love. I am privileged to have you as my first love, you treated me right, and you showed me I deserve the best, and for that, I will always be thankful. You loved me at a time when I didn’t feel loved or understood, and I will always love you, my dear, for being my hero and my king.


Double Fried Eggs

~ My Unrequited ~

To the One I Cannot Have,

My dearest valentine. You know, the one that will never truly be MY valentine because you had to go and fall in love before falling into my life.

I love you. I’ll tell you anything and everything about me, but those three words I’ll never say to you.

She’s away and I’m right here, yet somehow still, she’s the one you hold dear. Her shoes don’t fit, despite my effort. I try so hard to squeeze them on, but no matter what I do, they’re not the right size.

I think because they don’t go on

I’ve been trying to live my life barefoot.

The world has been scraping and cutting my feet,

slicing me every time I fail to crawl out the space you carved for her, not me. Never for me.

I think I need to get my own pair of shoes because I don’t think I can live a lifetime watching you love someone else. Even worse, I don’t want to live another day feeling like a placeholder in someone else’s fairytale.

So stop holding my hand when I’m scared and fixing my hood in the rain. Stop looking at me like you’ll find the answers to the world’s questions in my eyes. Most of all, please, stop making me love you.

My heart is yours. But please, if you’ve ever cared at all, give it back to me.

With a tortured heart,

Not the One.

~ Pretty Stranger ~

Dear C,

It is when I am close to you that I have little to say. Sometimes I miss when you were at a distance, when I had more than I love you to describe my feelings. Now, I struggle to form any words past these three.

But, I am brought back to the past when I see you from afar; when I see you from across a room or when you interact with people I don’t know. In these situations, the initial fascination I used to view you with returns to me. I am casted under your familiar spell. You become a pretty stranger again, and I am reminded why I chose you as my future home, as my future love. Reminded too, that I would fall in love with you again and again if ever you became too far.



~ A Distance Apart, Not So In My Heart ~

Dear A.

What does it mean, “You dance inside my heart where nobody sees you”?

You wrote those words on a postcard you sent me from Germany. During that first phone call two years ago now, we spoke through Rumi. You read me “The Song of the Reed” in the original Persian and translated the words in English so that I could understand. And I felt a gladness in my heart that I had never felt before. You had to go back to Germany, and I had to stay here. Before your return you sent me this postcard. You wrote the words in English and in the original Persian. You added your perfume to the paper so that I would remember you. And I held the postcard in my hands, unable to believe that this was meant for me. Is it a wonder then that things fell apart? How I wish you were still with me. You dance inside my heart where nobody sees you.


~ Courage for My Queen ~

Dear Queen,

I really wished I had enough courage to reach out to you. You changed me in many ways that I don’t wish to cheapen with words. If you say the words, I’ll crumble a thousand times.

I wait for you,

Forgotten Pawn

~ A Hogwarts Story ~

Dear Encanto Girl,

Thank you for giving me the story of being ghosted by someone who went to what can be aptly described as “Greco-Roman Hogwarts.” It has been a huge hit among friends and romantic partners. I shall be forever grateful and in your debt.