Hi Auntie! I always needed friends. Ever since middle school, I strove to be part of groups and be accepted. When I got to high school, I forged a very close group of friends around me that I thought would last ages. In university, I found it easier to make friends and grow a community around myself. However now, in the last years of my degree, I feel like I’m withdrawing from everyone. Human connections seem tedious to keep up with, especially as I plan my life ahead, and people are becoming entirely disappointing. I know that in theory I need support systems and might regret cutting off my connections now, but it feels right now like I’ll be fine. I know that withdrawal is a sign of depression, so I’m slightly worried. Is my soul shrivelling up? Am I turning into a psychopath? Please help  

Lone Wolf Luna

Hello Luna, making friends should be a natural process, not feel like a chore. Withdrawal at points in your life is completely normal, especially in stressful times like the final years of a degree. It is okay to shift your attention to yourself and prioritize different things. It’s also important to remember you aren’t alone in feeling this. Because of the last few years, the entire world is more introverted and withdrawn. During hard times, true priorities make themselves known and listening to your intuition is usually for your betterment. It sounds like you’re ways off from moving into a Siberian cave and taking a vow of silence so don’t fret. Keep the connections that are healthy and meaningful and work on your relationship with yourself. Good luck! 

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