Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our second semesterly print issue of the school year! We hope you’ve been keeping up with our bi-weekly digital issues in the meantime, but we’re excited to finally reconvene again on the soft, feathery touch of newspaper print.

We’re almost at the end of another school year of issues––a feat that could not be accomplished without the unmatched commitment and dedication of our staff and senior masthead. Words from us cannot describe our gratitude for their exceptional talent, but maybe words from you can. If you ever come across an article or issue that plucks at your heartstrings and resonates with your minds, let us know and we’ll pass the compliment along. 

As you saw in our January and February digital issues, we had the honour of speaking with TEDxUofT speakers about the inspiration and background story behind the TedTalks they planned to deliver prior to TEDxUofT’s annual conference. From their unique takes, the speakers inspired us to think more critically about the news and media topics in our lives and the enlightenment of ideas as we continue to publish meaningful, engaging pieces for you guys. We are grateful to TEDxUofT for the opportunity. We look forward to bringing you, our dear readers, more pieces that create such fireworks of thought in future potential collaborations.

On February 19, we also closed submissions to our first-ever writing competition, “A Soft LOUD, A Quiet Power,” and have finished judging the pieces in collaboration with TEDxUofT. We were so pleased to read such engaging, high quality pieces come our way under our chosen theme of “Glow.” You can look forward to reading the detailed prompt and winning submissions in one of our April digital issues! With this year’s success, we anticipate hosting this writing competition every year from now on, so we are excited to see your submission one day in the ranks of those voices.

May the force be with you,

Elaine Zhou & Gurnoor Gujral

Trinity Times 2022-23 EICs

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