Dear Readers,

Glad you picked up our first in-print issue of 2022-2023 and made it all the way to the back! 

With the graduation of our beloved founders Mila and Sai, we’d like to officially introduce ourselves as Trinity Times’ Editors-in-Chief for the 2022-2023 school year.

We, including all our staff, have been hard at work planning many improvements, new initiatives, and engagement opportunities to optimize your overall experience with Trinity Times, so you can look forward to these whether you are picking up this paper for the first time or perusing it for the second year! You can hear about these through our Instagram @trin_times, our new LinkedIn, and our new mailing list. 

For our generations to come, we hope to build up a platform where aspiring student writers and journalists have a non-partisan outlet to showcase their diverse voices, thereby reducing barriers to artistic and journalistic expression. Our warm, inclusive community culture amongst our staff team is just our starting point. Through our writing, we strive to serve students across campus who seek more than just “news”, but a community of voices that they can emotionally resonate and meaningfully engage with. To this end, we also welcome any feedback you have for us: just email us at

If you miss any print copies, fear not. From now on, you can also find a display of our past issues at the Trinity Archives, located in the basement of the Trinity Student Services Centre.

At last, we’d like to thank our many readers who have returned time and time again: we are grateful for your continued support and will evermore strive to retain that special place in your heart.

We hope we will be a sprinkle of joy to your university life, a cozy retreat. 

We hope you remember us as:

Elegant, classic, and gentle in our expression, we are a soft LOUD, a quiet power, and above all—the sharpest quills in the quad.

Forever Yours,

Elaine Zhou & Gurnoor Gujral

Trinity Times 2022-23 EICs

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