Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our second print issue of the school year! We hope you’ve been enjoying the growing amount of sunshine Toronto has to offer. It was unfortunate (in our eyes) that this academic year’s winter had so little real Torontonian snow, making the transition from winter to spring feel slightly unreal and truly attesting to the worsening effects of climate change. Regardless, spring is tip-toeing in as we reconvene with you on this tangible newspaper print.

We’re now at our second last issue of this academic year––also the second last issue of our reign as Editors in Chief of Trinity Times. For the past two years, we’ve truly enjoyed the time we spent pulling together each issue with our dedicated team of staff, and now that this is coming to a close, we will miss the habit. We have learned so much in our journey with you. They are lessons we will cherish close to our hearts as we each move on to our next endeavors in our own lives.

Regardless, we have faith you will be in good hands with our next generation of Editors-in-Chief. They will breathe new life into Trinity Times with their own visions and innovations for the paper as Trinity Times continues to grow and thrive with your loyal support. Stay excited! Stay with us.

Partings are frequently bittersweet, but let us make ours light and joyful, akin to the gentle breeze now rustling our hair, the soft scent of grass now wafting by our noses, the partly faded sunlight now gracing our skin…

Hold still, we’re not yet leaving until after the next issue,

Elaine Zhou & Gurnoor Gujral

Trinity Times 2022-24 EICs

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