Dear Readers,

Happy to see you here once again 🙂 If this is your first time reading us, welcome to the back of our first in-print issue of the 2023-2024 academic year!

Last year was our first year running Trinity Times as its Editors-in-Chief. We established our motto as “A Soft LOUD, A Quiet Power”—what we wish you to remember us by. We implemented a series of initiatives, both internally and externally, hoping to drive Trinity Times’ ability to meaningfully connect with you and serve you as a community-building platform. 

This year, we return with renewed vigour and more exciting ideas to keep improving your Trinity Times experience. Our social media engagement will be a particular focus, so keep an eye out on our Instagram @trin_times and our LinkedIn for creative and fun content! We also have a mailing list you can sign up for through our Instagram’s linktree if you want to stay updated on all our monthly digital issues.

We are also looking for graphic designers to help us pull together lovely issues like this very one you are holding. If you are interested, email us at

Lastly, a sentiment to our loyal readers who have returned time and time again: we are utmost grateful for your continued support. We could not have grown the way we have without you. Thank you for your dedication, and thank you for placing us in that special place in your heart.

We hope your time alongside us this year feels like you are snuggling up to soft clouds, floating idyllically and joyously in a blanket-boat of fleecy white. Of course, the dreamy land will not lack its share of thunderbolts and storm clouds, but you can hold confidence in that we—the whole Trinity Times community—will be experiencing these very things right by you as your fellow students. Your journey will not be lonely.

If you ever want to share with us your story, we are all ears. Send us your piece, abiding by the casual contributions guidelines in our Instagram’s linktree, and we will work with you to bring your story to the rest of our community.

Faithfully Yours,

Elaine Zhou & Gurnoor Gujral

Trinity Times 2023-24 EICs

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