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We hope exams season went smoothly for you! It’s finally time for festivities, so we’ll keep this short and sweet 🙂

This is the last of our 2023 publications. If you’ve been following our issues this semester, you’ll notice that we’ve been working hard on our unique tone and writing style to step closer towards our vision. We hope you find us comfortably engaging, emotionally relatable, and very human in our expression. 

So, this winter break, read us if we’re a sweet hobby 🙂 If reading us will mean too little time to engage in the things you really want to get to this winter break, feel free to bookmark us for back-to-school! Meanwhile, we’re currently working on the continuation of our TedxUofT collaboration: stay tuned for more details in January.

We wish you much joy and relaxation during the winter break as we reach yet another year-end and traverse onwards to the next. We know you’ll make it sweet for you! Or salty, if you prefer it that way 🙂 

Cheers, however you plan to celebrate the winter holidays,

Elaine Zhou & Gurnoor Gujral

Trinity Times 2023-24 EICs

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