Sai Rathakrishna and Mila Yarovaya, Co-Editors in Chief

Identity – what a fickle and mercurial concept for something we spend precious years of our lives trying to grasp and forge and stake our claim to. In fact, the founding of Trinity Times had been prompted by that very idea. Who are we as a college? What are our values? Who gets to dictate the identity of an institution that we all attend and whose future we have a stake in? The best that we could come up with was in establishing an impartial and new platform that was free from associations of the past and would provide an opportunity to speak for any member of college. That way, we hoped, we would be able to write a new and cohesive identity for the college. For to write the world is to know it.

Since the founding of Trinity Times last summer, our initiative has evolved into a platform for students across the St. George campus to share and read about a variety of issues in a safe, welcoming and accessible online space. Thanks to our talented and dedicated staff, Trinity Times was able to accomplish efforts that we hadn’t thought feasible when we first started, including changing our publishing schedule from monthly to bi-weekly to deliver more content, expanding the scope of our coverage, and introducing an Agony Aunt advice column. 

As the inaugural year of Trinity Times is coming to a close, we would like to extend a most sincere thank you to everyone who helped this publication come to life and flourish over the past year. We will be taking a hiatus over the summer months and will resume production early in September 2021. For now, we want to say thank you to our readers for reading, responding to and sharing our stories. You contribute significantly to fostering a community that champions empathy and open-mindedness, values that are integral to the Trinity Times mission. Thank you to our Senior Editors who dazzled and impressed with their leadership abilities, developing inventive and engaging visions for their sections, and guiding their staff to produce the best work that they could. Thank you to our Associate Editors and Staff Writers who awed us with the quality of work that they produced and put their heart into every word that was put on the page. Finally, a special thank you to our Designer and Media Head, Treasurer, and IT Manager, who ensured that the publication ran smoothly, provided ongoing support, and are the real unseen superheroes. To those interested in a Staff position with Trinity Times for the 2021/22 academic year, please keep an eye out for posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages later in the summer for details on the application process.

As we look forward to the next academic year, we hope to further establish our presence and contributions to the College by: expanding into various different forms of media to bring you content, providing you more insight into the College community through our series of interviews, broadening the coverage of events both within Trinity community and world at large, and bringing you the first ever printed version of Trinity Times.

In doing so, we hope to continue in our mission to redefine Trinity College within the context of the University of Toronto. Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing this journey with you! 

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