A dive into your overly committed relationship with John W Graham

by Diya Chandna


Picture this: Graham Library, the cozy cocoon where dreams of academic glory and idealized ambitions collide. It’s our hidden Trinity gem, where the scent of knowledge mingles with the very musty aroma of well-loved books. But have you ever wondered when your affinity for Graham turns from an innocent study crush into a full-fledged, committed relationship? Join me as I navigate the telltale signs that reveal you might be clocking in more hours at Graham Library than is “socially acceptable.”

  1. You’re on a First-Name Basis with the Librarians: You not only know the librarian’s name, but also their pet’s name, favorite book, and what they had for breakfast last Tuesday. Is it a friendship or an obsession? You decide.
  2. You’ve Invented a New Language: Speaking to yourself is one thing, but when you’ve created a language only you understand, it might be time to step into the sunlight. If your vocabulary includes terms your friends would make fun of you for using, it’s safe to say that you need an intervention.
  3. Your backpack has become a Survival Kit: Your backpack has morphed into a magical Mary Poppins bag: forget just carrying books and notebooks; it’s a survival kit now! Snacks, a cozy blanket, and a flashlight have become essential additions. Next thing you know, you’re packing tents, matches, and first aid kits. Who knows what you might need? Or when you decide to move in?
  4. You’ve Mastered the Art of Stealth-Snacking: You know that you’ve been in Graham too long when the “please don’t eat in the library” signs are meaningless to you. Your ability to unwrap snacks with the stealth of a ninja is unparalleled. The absence of the rustle of candy wrappers is your silent anthem, and you’ve elevated covert snacking to an art form that would make secret agents jealous.
  5. Your Laptop is on a First-Name Basis with the Charging Ports: Your laptop’s power needs are more intimate to you than your own. You know all the charging point’s quirks and have a mental map of every available outlet in the building.
  6. You Recognize People from Yesterday: Spotting the same people you saw yesterday is no longer a coincidence. You’re not sure if they’re students or just part of the library’s furniture, but you’ve given them imaginary names and backstories. Are they fellow Guardians of the Silent Zone or just procrastinators there to waste time?
  7. You’ve Mastered the Art of Power-Napping: You can strategically sink into one of the dusty armchairs for a quick snooze between chapters. Your ability to enter REM sleep at the drop of a hat rivals that of a seasoned sloth.

So, there you have it—your official guide to realizing you’ve practically moved into Graham Library. So, if you catch yourself spotting the same library folks every day, or if you’ve spent too long sleeping in those armchairs, take a second to step out and touch some grass. There’s a whole world out there beyond the stacks, and it’s calling your name.

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