By Xenia Kobori, Staff Writer

In 2020, Toronto was unable to properly celebrate Halloween. Yet this year, due to loosening COVID restrictions, the city will be able to experience a Halloween reminiscent of normalcy.

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For those who wish to trick-or-treat, Ontario has released guidelines detailing the do’s and don’ts of participating in this time-old Halloween tradition. Ontario has recommended that those sick stay at home, while those in good health are permitted to trick-or-treat outdoors, with a few minor conditions of course. All participants in these door-to-door festivities must wear face coverings, sanitize hands often, and not sing or shout for treats. Likewise, those giving out treats must also be in good health, wear face coverings, and keep interactions short. 

Besides trick-or-treating, the GTA has many other opportunities to participate in Halloween and get in the holiday spirit. If you’re looking forward to experiencing haunted attractions, comedy shows and more, head out to Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, where prices begin at $34. On the more pricey end, Casa Loma offers a one-hour haunted house experience on the mansion grounds starting at $175. For those with access to a car, there is a drive-in movie experience at Ontario Place. Priced at $50, customers have the option of watching either Goosebumps or Scream all the while dancers and actors surround their cars. And for students looking for a thrill, head to Convocation Hall on campus for a haunted ghost tour priced at just $6.32.

For students 19 and older, there are numerous bars and clubs holding Halloween-themed events. To list just a few, Blue Lagoon is having a Halloween-themed pop-up bar with cocktails to match the occasion. Additionally, dance scene promoters from Promise are holding an indoor party at the banquet hall in the Lithuanian House.  

If you’re a fan of live shows, there are various shows running leading up to Halloween. There is a Rocky Horror Dinner Show, where dinner is served during a live performance of Rocky Horror for just $45 per person. There is also a performance of Into the Woods in concert at the Winter Garden Theatre, with tickets at various prices. 

Lastly, if you’re simply wishing to get into the holiday spirit, there are numerous Halloween and fall activities that one can do with friends or alone. Outside the city, there are multiple areas where one could go apple or pumpkin picking. In addition, consider decorating your dorm room or carving pumpkins with friends in the quad. 

No matter what you choose to do this Halloween season, enjoy dressing up with friends and a return to a more standard celebration of Halloween Torontonians missed out on last year. Have a Happy Halloween, Trinity! 

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