A Greetings Collection from Members of Trinity College

By Jiwoo Jeon

Photo source: University of Toronto

The bustling start to a new academic year trampled above the month of September. And now, already in October, the cold fall wind shoved us into the libraries to prepare for our midterms. As we rushed into this school year, you may have missed the chance to greet and meet some of the distinguished members of this year’s Trinity College. For this reason, the Trinity Life Team has gathered together a collection of short greetings that all begin with “Dear Trinity” and end with “Sincerely Trinity”: a dear welcome to you and a sincere dedication to this year’s Trinity.

Dear Trinity,

We hope you guys are having an exciting start to the new school year, in spite of the workload that’s already upon us 🙂 We are delighted to be welcoming you to another year of Trinity Times, a community of voices we hope is, for you, a place of respite, the soft cotton to your blanket, the enlightenment to your day: we already have many surprises in plan for you! For a glimpse, we will be opening up shower thoughts under our Features/Op-Eds column (stay tuned on our Instagram), so if you want to submit thoughts (anonymously or not) to the wider UofT and Trinity community at any time, feel free to reach out to us. For another, if you would like to share with the wider community anything you are proud of, we are also all open ears. We really want to make Trinity Times a comfortable, inclusive space for student voices in the coming year and would love to have you a part of it!

Regardless of how we fit into your life at Trinity or UofT, know that we will always have time to listen when you need it and we wish you only the best in your endeavours.


Elaine Zhou & Gurnoor Gujral

Trinity Times 2022-2023 Editors-in-Chief

Dear Trinity,

What a great start to the year so far! With a return of a sense of normalcy after many changes throughout the pandemic, I’ve already felt the terrific energy throughout the College. As a Trin alumnus (2T0) and serving my first year as an Academic Don, I’m excited for everything this year holds. Personally, my role in the College is multi-faceted and includes having consults with students about specific courses/assignments, fostering an inclusive and welcoming community, and contributing to College life through different events such as academic high tables. Returning to the College this year has reminded me of the great community that Trin has; the halls hold many fond memories and seeing the lively buzz of the fall makes me equally excited for the year to come. I’m always happy to chat with students and meet new people, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or say hello!


Sunny Choi.

Life Sciences and Statistics Academic Don

Dear Trinity,

Shauna and I are Trinity’s Heads of College and we are very excited about the upcoming year.  I am a third year student studying Cognitive Science, minoring in Computer Science and Psychology.  Shauna is in her fourth year studying International Relations and Peace, Conflict & Justice.  As Heads of College, we organize events for the community and liaise between students and the administration.  Shauna and I, as well as the Heads of Arts, and the Heads of the Non-Residence Student Affairs Committee (NRAC) hold weekly office hours in the buttery.  The schedule is posted on our Instagram account, “trinitycollegeheads”.  Please stop by to ask any questions, we always provide delicious snacks!  This year we will also be hosting the Saints Ball, which will take place on Friday, November 18.  The theme is Masquerade, which I am really looking forward to.  We will have a mask decorating event in the week leading up to the ball and would love for you to join us!  Aside from Saints, we plan on hosting movie nights this semester, including a Harry Potter-themed night, as well as some stress-buster events closer to finals, so keep an eye out on Instagram for information about those.

Shauna and I will hopefully have the opportunity to meet many of you, and wish everyone a wonderful semester!


Natalie Nieuwenhuizen and Shauna McLean.

Trinity’s Heads of College

Dear Trinity,

Greetings to the Trinity College community! My name is Shiva Ivaturi, and I am one of the Heads of NRAC this year. I am in the third year of my undergraduate degree pursuing a major in Neuroscience and minors in Immunology and Biology. I started my first year on residence in the pandemic, but made the most of my experience and was elected as one of the First Year Heads of Residence Affairs ! In my second year, I was the Events Coordinator for the Non-Residence Affairs Committee (NRAC), which represents all Trinity College students that do not live in Trin Proper or St. Hilda’s (which is most of us!). I am also involved in the Trinity College Multicultural Society (TCMS), Trinity College Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (TASAH), Trinity College Mental Health Initiative (TCMHI), Rainbow Trin, and multiple other organizations.

A wonderful aspect of Trinity College is that the relatively small size of our institution allows for students to forge connections with one another in a nurturing, inclusive space. I recommend all Trinity students take advantage of the support available to us, including free experiences sponsored by our student-led organizations. NRAC hosts fitness experiences, movie nights, cultural immersion events, giveaways during exam study halls, and some fun holiday themed events throughout the year for students to enjoy. We host multiple collaborations with other organizations as well to promote causes that students deem to be of significance. 

Now, for some fun icebreakers to conclude!

You will see me… speed walking along St. George with an iced coffee in tow.

My favorite study spot on campus is… the Bora Laskin Law Library!

A course I recommend is… RLG375: Biohacking Breath!

I have moved…  6 times across 3 countries!


Shiva Ivaturi.

Head of NRAC

Dear Trinity,

Hello everyone! I hope the first half of semester 1 and your midterms have been treating you well. My name is Marjorie, and I am the CA for Whitaker and Henderson in Trin Proper. I am a third-year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Finance and Economics. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Rotman or need recommendations for what you can do to carve out your own experience at Trinity or UofT. I know that all of your CAs have been working hard to create events to have fun and distress during this time of year, so make sure you keep your eye out for those. Beyond being a CA, I’m also a campus tour guide and enjoy baking, rock music, and trying new foods (my goal this year is to try all the food trucks). If you catch me in Strachan, feel free to come up and talk to me. Over the past 2 years, I’ve had a wonderful experience living in residence, and I hope I can make Trinity feel like a second home for you. I can’t wait to meet you all!


Marjorie He.

Community Advisor for Whitaker and Henderson in Trin Proper

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