Dear Readers,

This has been a rather interesting year at Trinity College. Through reminiscent mists we look back at last September, wherewith uncertainty we sat on couches, armchairs, and work-from-home desk setups rather than TTC trains and new residence rooms. It was the year where we could not pretend to go to Hogwarts at the beginning of September and hear “Hedwig’s Theme” echoing in our ears as we set foot in Strachan Hall.

It was the year where home, Trinity College, and the common rooms were all one room. The year where architectural multi-purposiveness hit new heights. The year where the imagination had more than the usual burden of responsibility in making every day a little brighter. We had to envision the maroon seats of Bader theatre for one class, the portraits of Trinity College for another class, and the scale and size of Convocation Hall for another, all the while, sitting in the same chair on the same desk in the same room, day after day.

Through reminiscent mists, it all seems rather prone to poeticization, but it would be a neglectful and careless recollection of the past year if we were to ignore the uncertainty and the fear that so poignantly gripped the college at the time. 

It would be neglectful because it would be to ignore the challenges that both the college and the students have overcome. It would be neglectful because it would be to disregard the innovative spirit, which we have all shown. It would be neglectful because it would be to forget how we have welcomed change. Most of all, it would be neglectful because it would be to overlook the optimism, which has been a bright light in the darkness of the pandemic.

It is true that this year has been strange; one of the strangest in the history of Trinity College. We are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and witnessing unprecedented change; change, which will undoubtedly have a place in the history books of the future. Thus, it becomes important to recognize that we are the students who stand with Trinity College during a defining moment in its history. We are in the unique position to write history, to make it, and thus, we should continue to be creative, and optimistic, and innovative, because our response to this unprecedented challenge will become a part of Trinity College’s history.

The Trinity News articles have been one way through which we have attempted to preserve the sense of community that this college provides. And so, on behalf of the Trinity News Team, I would like to say thank you to everyone who aided us in keeping Trinity students informed and involved, and in amplifying the student voice throughout this year. Thank you to everyone for gracefully taking up the challenge presented by the pandemic and making this year at Trinity College a great one!

Hope everyone had a wonderful year, stay healthy, stay safe. See you in September!


Shruti Nistandra, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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