“Out with the old and in with the new” the saying goes, and as Co-Editors-in-Chief of a new publication from a college whose traditions span the better part of two centuries, we realize that there is a lot of old to contend with. And as this summer has shown, it continues to haunt us to this day. However, sweeping something under the rug and pretending that it’s not there, does not mean that it no longer exists. To facilitate discussion and change we must first learn how to deal with our shared past. This is why the Trinity Times has been founded on the principles of diversity, inclusion, and integrity. Trinity Times is a new publication designed to be a journalistic outlet for the Trinity College community. By engaging directly with the student community, we aim to provide a safe, accessible platform for those whose voices have not been traditionally included within the Trinity College conversation.. Through integrating student voices into our stories, we hope to build a readership that can expect reliable news, as well as thorough involvement in the articles that we publish. 

During these uncertain times, the value of community is incredibly important which is why Trinity Times will seek to deliver news that is immediately related to the college, the larger UofT community, as well as the global community. Our publication will also feature stories related to the majors hosted by the college such as international relations and law.  

In working with our talented team to achieve this, we hope to make a small contribution towards a new Trinity College that is open for all and to all. We hope that you will join us on this journey!


Mila Yarovaya and Sai Rathakrishna


Trinity Times 2020/2021

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