No Plans for Valentine’s Day? Don’t Fret! Trinity Students Tell You What They’d Do…

by Lindsay Liu

You awaken to a gorgeous day with the sun beaming and birds chirping… except, that’s not how it really is. The sun is out, but it’s freezing cold in the middle of February. On top of that, you also have coursework to worry about, as well as midterms, exams, and assignments piling up. You might think, “how can it get any worse?” That is, until you realize that it’s Valentine’s Day, and you have absolutely NO plans.

With all of the stress from preparing for midterms and the dreary cold weather, Valentine’s Day may often be put on the back burner. Although making last-minute plans can be difficult, you’re certainly not alone. For this Valentine’s Day, I spoke with students from all over Trinity College to find out their ideas on last-minute plans. I compiled some of the most popular ideas and responses from Trinity students (in no particular order) in the hopes that they will provide you with inspiration and insight into what others are planning.

  1. Embrace your single life!

Although having lovey-dovey couples flaunt their love and relationships on social media is almost a trademark of Valentine’s Day, there are no rules about spending the day with yourself! Among the many Trinity College students I spoke with, some expressed their dismay at spending Valentine’s Day alone, lamenting their lack of a romantic partner. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Among the single population at Trinity College, many proudly embraced their single life, citing the want to take time to “focus on themself” and “self-love”. Who knows what the future holds for those hoping to find a potential partner or even a friend to spend the next Valentine’s Day with. You might find the person you’re looking for at Trinity College! 

  1. Treat it like any other day

Let’s face it. Even on Valentine’s Day, we’re still busy students. This fact was noted by many Trinity students, including the observation that Valentine’s day this year falls on a Tuesday. A large population of students said their most exciting plans were to attend their classes, just like any other day. One particular student expressed their delight at attending a class with their favourite professor, as well as “lovingly staring at the PowerPoint slides.” All this is to say, if you’re also part of the population that doesn’t plan on doing anything for Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone!

  1. Hang out with your friends 

Making time to hang out with friends is always a treat on any day, so why not Valentine’s Day? This was definitely a very popular response from many students, and plans with friends ranged from watching a movie together, with the most common titles being Titanic and The Notebook, to even “getting lost in Ikea.” Grabbing lunch with your friends, going out to a café, and showing your friends love will improve your day!

  1. Spend some quality time with a significant other 

I interviewed several couples at Trinity College to ask them what their plans for Valentine’s Day were. Most couples had plans involving a typical romantic night out, buying chocolates and flowers for their partner. I also received some pretty interesting responses and tips. One student, a self-proclaimed “cheapskate”, advised me on their “pro-tip” for Valentine’s Day: planning events and buying gifts a few days after the day. Admittedly, most frugal university students may be hesitant to break the bank, although splurging once in a while for your partner can also be viewed as a romantic act. Personally, I think this student’s money-saving tip is excellent, but make sure to discuss your plans with your significant other first. Lastly, among the various tame responses, one ambitious Trinity College student also discussed their plans to meet with not one, but two potential love interests on Valentine’s Day. Although I don’t endorse it, it’s certainly an interesting way to spend the day. 

  1. Share the love 

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day by yourself, with friends, or with a significant other, one thing’s for sure: there’s lots of love and positivity to go around. In my opinion, immersing yourself in the surrounding community at Trinity College is a great place to start. Indeed, many students I conversed with indicated their interests in potential Trinity College Valentine’s Day events.

All-in-all, whether you’re a seasoned Valentine’s veteran, spending your first Valentine’s away from your loved ones, or experiencing the holiday as a Valentine for the first time, there are tons of unique ideas from Trinity students this Valentine’s Day. You don’t need a Valentine to enjoy the day! Valentine’s Day is a day of love, not only for other people, but also for yourself. Amidst all of the potential stressors in a busy student’s life, finding time to slow down and appreciate the small things is essential, and Trinity College is an ideal place to do so.

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