A retelling of the night through your eyes

By Aditi Gupta, Staff Writer

Photo source: TrinVegas Instagram

As the clock struck 10:46 p.m. on November 17th, you were in your room getting ready for the Saints’ Ball. “Fashionably late,” you convinced yourself as you raced against time. You frantically searched for your keys and let out a frustrated yell. The gates were closing at 11 p.m., and time was moving faster than usual today. Your search grew wilder as you dismantled the mountain of clothes on your bed and flung them haphazardly onto a chair. Your efforts were not in vain: you found your keys under the gigantic pile of clothes just as you received a notification that your cab had arrived. 

You sprinted through the quad; for a moment, you were like Cinderella running back home before midnight—only you weren’t heading home; your pumpkin carriage was just the start of the night. You climbed into your cab and raced to Saints’, veins thrumming with anticipation and adrenaline. The Uber skidded to a halt in front of your destination, and there you were, facing 134 Peter’s Street. A puff of warm air escaped your lips as you murmured to yourself, “Let’s do this.” As you walked through the glass doors that opened into this magnificent building, you were greeted by smiling staff and loud music. Fanfare, really, because you checked your coat and made a royal entry into the venue, one that you would never forget. 

The venue’s grandeur took you aback—it was straight out of a fairy tale! The towering ceilings were adorned with four exquisite chandeliers that cast an incandescent glow over the room. The tables were adorned with vases bursting with red, white, and black flowers, like poker chips at a casino. The tables themselves were arranged strategically around a spacious dance floor, which was teeming with attendees who danced like they were auditioning for the next season of “So You Think You Can Dance.” 

You looked around to check if you matched the dress code since you had purchased this outfit a little last minute, and indeed, you did! All around you, fellow students strutted in outfits that could have made the runway. They donned dresses so glamorous you thought you were at the Golden Globes and suits so sharp they would have had Bond asking for fashion advice.

As you headed deeper into the venue, you noticed the photo booth! A spot festooned with balloons where you could capture glamorous pictures that would make your Instagram look like you live “The Life.” The booth was surrounded by people giggling and clicking pictures with goofy faces on. You and your friends were soon to join them.

As you made your way through the dance floor, you spotted your friends dancing in a circle. Excitedly, you joined them and gave them all a big hug. You were grooving to the captivating beats and had completely surrendered yourself to the music. The lighting was dim and intoxicating; your friends’ eyes were brilliant and glittering. Each time you brushed shoulders with the person behind you, each time your heartbeat vibrated to the bass and percussion, the atmosphere buzzed with electricity. The Vegas theme had truly come to life. 

While you were dancing, the bar in the center of the venue caught your eye and you slipped out of the dancing circle for a vodka-cran. The honey-sweet cranberry and ice cubes replenished your taste buds and gave you chills. Delectable sliders and appetizers arranged on the table had your stomach rumbling like distant thunder. You hadn’t eaten much that day, and it was time to devour some food.

The crowd went wild for the D.J.’s excellent taste in music, and you returned to the dance floor as soon as you finished your last bite of focaccia. You and your friends excitedly dropped it to “Low” on the dance floor, and a group of people you had seen around Trin joined you, too!  Somehow you felt as though you had known them forever; such was the magic this night possessed.

But time had flown by, and the night was coming to an end. You danced to the final songs as everyone around you gathered their belongings and bid farewell to their friends. You reluctantly followed suit. As you headed home on the shuttle, you reflected on how spectacular the day had been. You smiled as your eyes adjusted to the blur of passing trees, their trunks and branches adorned with holiday lights like the ancient vines that laced the outer walls of Trinity Castle. 

You were already thinking about what to wear to the next Saints’.

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