By Sophia Bannon, Trinity News Staff Writer

As the weather gets colder, here at U of T, we’re all starting to enter our natural hibernative instincts, and find cozy places to curl up and study. There are many lovely places to hole up around U of T, such as the many libraries, study spaces, and common areas. Trinity College proves no different, with several options to hang out and study during the colder months.

credit: Zayd Diz

John W. Graham Library

The John W. Graham Library is one of my favorite libraries at U of T. The abundance of natural light and the cozy wood paneling makes it an excellent place to spend a rainy day or a crisp autumn afternoon. One of my favorite parts of this library are the two reading rooms on the second and third floors, with squashy armchairs and a large table to study at. The ambiance of these rooms are excellent for those who want to live out their dark academia fantasies. There are also study cubicles next to large windows, providing you that desperately needed vitamin D, and a beautiful view of Trinity College or the Munk courtyard. There are also four rooms devoted to quiet study with tables and comfortable chairs  available to students.

credit: Zayd Diz

Munk Courtyard

Adjacent to the John W. Graham Library is the Munk courtyard, with a large reflecting pool and a water fountain. As the weather gets cooler, it isn’t as feasible to sit out there, but during the warm months, it’s the perfect place to study. Equipped with benches and tables, as well as a nice plot of greenery to sit on, Munk Courtyard proves a lovely spot to be one with nature in the downtown core.

Junior Common Room

On the left of Strachan Hall, up a flight of stairs is the Junior Common Room. It is a lovely space to study, as there are large wooden tables to sit at, and beautiful glass windows that face the John W. Graham Library.

credit: Zayd Diz

Strachan Hall

Strachan Hall is architecturally stunning.  While it isn’t the quietest space to study, it can still be nice to go and grab a bite to eat with your friends, which is equally important amidst the stresses of school.

The Buttery

The Buttery is another place to eat at Trin, which has both outdoor and indoor seating. I find the Buttery to be quite cozy, and though it can be loud at times, if you plug in your headphones you can generally drown out the cacophony. 

Melinda Seamen

The Melinda Seamen Hall is a nice place to work on essays or complete homework. It is a much quieter space, and can be helpful when needing to focus. There is also a vending machine there, though its performance remains questionable.

Commuter Space

On the second floor of Trinity College, up the main stairs is a space for commuters to study. There are large windows with beautiful natural light, and high, vaulted ceilings that are aesthetically pleasing. The chairs and tables are not as comfortable as other places, and I have issues with the wifi occasionally. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent quiet space to watch lectures and get work done.

And there you have it! The best places to study and hang out at Trinity. 

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