By Sophia Bannon

While the university is closed, and lockdown looms, it may feel like there’s not much to do in Toronto.

However, there are still many activities to keep you busy during quarantine.


Sledding in Toronto during the winter is great! There are tons of hills to choose from, such as the Grenadier Pond Hill, Christie Pitts and Lithuania Park. Beware of steeper hills, as sometimes there is ice on them. It’s usually better to go after a fresh snowfall!


Skating in Toronto is also excellent. There are 53 locations in Toronto. Rentals are generally not provided at many of these locations, but you can rent skates at Nathan Phillips Square or Harbourfront.


Libraries are still currently open so if you’re looking for a quiet place to study, the City of Toronto’s many libraries are perfect for that. My favorite libraries include the Gladstone Library and the Beverley Library.


Thrift stores are still open, so shopping there can be a really fun activity that will both get out of the cold and also out of your house. My favorite thrift store is the Lansdowne Value Village, as it’s right on Bloor, so has easy access from the subway. Plus, it’s huge.


Crocheting and knitting are very popular activities, and can be great for when you’re bored inside. There are lots of awesome patterns and tutorials online to help get you started. Pinterest has an excellent selection of cute patterns.


Journaling can be great for when you’re bored, stressed out, or need to vent. You can get cheap notebooks from Dollarama, or you can write it on your laptop. There are lots of excellent journaling prompts online. 


On January 31st, cinemas open up again! This could be an excellent way to decompress after class.

Coffee Shops

Restaurants are also re-opening on January 31st! There are so many awesome coffee shops in Toronto. Two I’m looking forward to checking out are Capital Espresso on Queen, in the heart of Parkdale, and Sonndr Cafe, which is located inside of what used to be the Dovercourt House. A few excellent options near University of Toronto include Manic Coffee and Found Coffee. 

Exercise Classes

At the University of Toronto, you can sign up for workout classes. There are free drop in options, such as yoga and barre or longer paid options. The paid classes include fencing, gymnastics, trampoline, skating, and much more!

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