Trinity’s Aspirations for the New Year

By Andrea Rentel – Trinity Life

Every new year brings reflection of the one that has passed. The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions dates back thousands of years with origins in Babylonia, where individuals made promises to the gods with the hope of receiving benefits in the new year. Today, many continue to set goals and aspirations for themselves, whether they be explicitly written down or naturally formed in the back of their minds; this year is particularly special.

2023 brings a privilege lost over the past two years, which was brought to my attention recently; The other day I was struck by someone in my life referring to our current circumstance as “post-pandemic.” Those of us living in Canada exist in a mostly post-pandemic reality, or at least one with an end in sight. With the weight of the pandemic lessening, such as the mask mandate lifting, many are feeling optimistic for the future. There is an atmosphere of initiative for the new year.

At Trinity, students are planning to focus mainly on mental and physical health, changing habits, and cultivating personal interests. One student says that they plan to work hard in the new year to “find inner peace and feel enough.”Another plans to target both their mental and physical health by “continuing to go to yoga and pilates for mental health purposes.”

Other students have chosen to focus on their personal habits, which often relate to well-being. Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are changing habits related to health and fitness. These include the familiar “exercise more” and “eat healthier.” At Trin, students are less likely to report these kinds of resolutions unless they are related to mental health. One student, for example, wants to “fix their sleep schedule,” as it provides benefits such as contributing to a strong immune system, reducing stress, improving mood, thinking more clearly, performing better at school, and getting along better with loved ones. The same student humorously added that they also aim to “stop dying [their] hair every time [they] have a minor inconvenience.”

Others plan to engage more deeply in interests they want to nurture and learn about. Personal interests vary greatly across the board. One student, in particular, shared: “I’d like to learn a bit of music theory, which I know practically nothing about because I taught myself

guitar from playing songs I like, rather than from a textbook. I’d like to learn some theory to know why these songs sound so good, and maybe I’ll write a couple of good ones myself!”

Aspirations for the New Year are a helpful way to evaluate where we are and where we’d like to be. Personal reflection through applauding progress, as well as evaluating needs for improvement, is imperative for personal development. At Trin, personal well-being is clearly important to students who prioritize it as a cornerstone of their lives. From improving mental and physical health to engaging in thrilling activities, Trinity is entering the new year with aspirations for positive change by nurturing growth and personal health.