by Diya Chandna

It’s winter semester — the season that hits us like a rogue snowball to the face. It feels like I blinked on New Year’s, and BAM! Midterm season is upon us. As we settle into the semester, we’re already tackling mountains of coursework with the grace of a newborn giraffe on ice skates. But hey, if we can survive the hour-long queue at the Robarts food court, we can surely conquer the midterm monsters too. Thankfully, Trinity has a wide selection of resources that can help make our lives a tad less chaotic.

  1. Kathleen Ogden: Your Fairy Godplanner

So, you’re drowning in a sea of textbooks, lecture notes, and study guides, and you can’t seem to find your way to the surface? Enter the Trinity College Learning Strategist, your personal guru of academic organization. She is a master at scheduling and can help you navigate through your midterms with a game plan tailored to your needs and priorities. Got a specific class giving you nightmares? Kathleen will sprinkle some subject-specific wisdom that will guide you to victory.

  1. Drop-in Hours: Where Major Decisions Meet Minor Breakdowns

Midterm season always has me contemplating life’s big questions: What’s my major going to be? Am I even interested in that? What’s my minor? What if I fail the prereq? Luckily, we have drop-in hours for academic advising every Tuesday and Thursday. You don’t even need an appointment. Whether you’re lost in the labyrinth of degree planning or just need someone to reassure you that it’s okay to change your mind for the umpteenth time, these sessions are your safe haven. Consider it a therapy session for your academic identity crisis.

  1. The Writing Center: Where Essays Go for a Makeover

There’s nothing quite like having essays due at the same as your in-person midterms that require long study sessions and days of preparation. You convince yourself that you can write the essay after the math midterm is over, but it never quite works out like that. Whether you’re stuck with brainstorming ideas, or drowning in a sea of commas, the Writing Center is here to help. They are available to provide feedback and ideas at any stage of your essay-writing process. Armed with thesis techniques, outlining hacks, and editing expertise, they’ll help you transform even the most intimidating assignments into literary masterpieces.

  1. Trinity Math Aid Center: Spice Up Your Math Game

Are your math lectures filled with as many complicated plot twists as a soap opera? We’ve all been there, and we’ve all gotten through it. What will make this easier is the Math Aid Center. From basic arithmetic to complex calculus, they’ve got experts ready to demystify those numbers and equations. They will try their hardest to turn your math nightmares into sweet trigonometric dreams. 

In this whirlwind of submissions and exams, let’s not forget that Trinity is here to support us every step of the way. From personalized planning to academic guidance, the resources are at our disposal — all we have to do is ask. Good luck out there!

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