By: Bilge Guven, Staff Writer

[photo by Maria Acosta]

Dressing up in formal wear, dancing, singing, posing at a photobooth… It’s all the average Trinity student needs at least once a year!

On November 18th, 2022, the Saints Ball returned to Trinity College for the first time after the pandemic. This annual charity ball is an 84-year old tradition and is a cornerstone of the Trinity experience. This year’s theme was “Trinsquerade” and the ball was held at the Arcadian Court on Bay Street. In preparation for the masquerade, masks were given out by Trinity College at the Buttery.

As a first year student, I didn’t have much to compare the ball to. However, by the way that it was promoted by the Trinity College Heads and the expected formal wear, I assumed it would be a more fancy-formal-philanthropy kind of event. Instead, the dance floor was dimly lit with a DJ playing remixed pop songs in the background. Michelle, a fellow first year student, said that “the dance felt more like a party, which isn’t a bad thing.” There was a cash bar for attendants of legal drinking age and water for others. The appetizers served were quite tasty.

“We don’t go to these events for the sake of them being events, we go to spend time with people and bond with our peers,” Michelle added. She expressed her appreciation for the time and effort that was put into planning the event: “The event felt more down to earth so it was much easier to connect with people.”

Although the expectations promoted for the ball weren’t quite met, it was still a success for many students. It was refreshing to attend a ball after the pandemic had shut down most such events in students’ high school and/or early-university experiences. It is a struggle to get used to university, let alone UofT. The Trinsquarade provided this space for students to mingle, connect, and above all, have fun.

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