Winter Semester 2023: Trinity – What to Expect?

By Candace Ciju – Trinity Life Senior Editor

After a much-needed break from the university grind, Trinity College students have returned for the Winter semester. Students are ready to face the challenges of 2023, armed with new courses, new aspirations, and a new mindset. The University of Toronto and Trinity College have announced a number of programs, events, and workshops to help students adjust back to university life.

The Heads of Trinity College planned a number of activities during the first week of the Winter semester, including visits to escape rooms at Casa Loma, Harry Potter movie nights, and even a Toronto Marlies game! People who have been to these events were able to meet new friends and share unforgettable moments. The date of ‘Bondversat’ has been set for February 17, 2023. This announcement of Trinity College’s 140th Conversazione (formal annual ball) has undoubtedly sparked excitement among many students who have marked their calendars in anticipation of a night of art, entertainment, and splendor.

On the more academic side, students want to start the semester off right, with proper planning and adequate sleep. When asked what they would do differently in the Winter term, students gave diverse responses, the most common of which was to avoid procrastination. Many students also mentioned participating in on-campus co-curricular activities such as intramurals, debate, journalism, or activism. Based on these responses, it is clear that many desire a healthy work-life balance. This, like most goals, can be attained through careful planning, time management, and a strong emphasis on health.

The year 2023 is already shaping up to be lively for Trinity College students, with plenty of planned events and programs. Trinity students are getting ready to make 2023 their year by placing a strong emphasis on mental health, physical fitness, and continued academic prowess!